Wainwright’s Coast to Coast – GPS Tracks

As promised, here are the GPS tracks that I have CREATED of the “Wainwright’s” Coast to coast track in the UK.

Please note that these are from calibrated maps, NOT from an actual logged walk (yet….). Therefore, they are inherently inaccurate – how inaccurate? I’ll let you know when I get back from doing the walk in May 2007. Hopefully I will have the actual logged tracks to offer at that time!

The files are compressed into a ZIP file. There are multiple GPX files within, separating the tracks into manageable lengths. There is also the combined tracks in a single GPX file included. It makes negligible difference to the total file size IMHO πŸ™‚

Please read the included TXT file. It includes important information about the tracks.

The File:

Coast to coast tracks

Enjoy! Please let me know if you think they are grossly inaccurate or can be easily improved. Also, I would appreciate knowing if there are any difficulties using them.

Edit:- I have amended the file to include the Swaledale river-side alternative on the Keld to Reethe section. Also corrected some of the notes – Thanks toΒ  Happy Rambler

17 thoughts on “Wainwright’s Coast to Coast – GPS Tracks”

  1. hi
    am doing ctoc this summer starting in June 18 orso and will be usiing an etrex vist cx as gps. How do i go about importing the waypoints you kindly have provided from a pc? I intend to use a paper map for navigation but am going to be using the gps to see how much more (or less) useful it is than a map.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Importing is easy – your etrex should come with Trip and Waypoint manager software and a USB data cable. The software can open the files I have provided and can download them to your GPS.
    Also lots of free ware around to do the same thing. If you don’t get a cable – look on e bay – there are hundreds of ’em πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the C2C!

    (BTW the above files are TRACKS not WAYPOINTS – the Waypoints are in the other post :D)

  3. Hi Tim,

    I read your posts on the Walking Places Forum.
    Pretty odd to ask an Aussie for help from someone who lives at the other side of the world on a walking adventure in the UK.

    Can I ask you for help/advice regarding some gps-navigating issues I have please?
    We’re planning to walk the C2C this June.

    Best regards,
    the Netherlands

  4. Hiya Im doing the coast to coast at the start of aug 2010 these waypoints the man from downunder very kindly left will they work on a garmin gpsmap60csx? as this an A.W’s guide book is what i’m taking to go on……..
    Thanks bp69;;;;;;;;;;;;

    • Hi BP69-
      Yep they SURE will work on the Garmin 60csx – I used them on the cs60 so should be no problems – actually there are both way-points AND track-logs – take the track logs too as they show you STEP BY STEP the entire walk,. Essentially Wainwright’s but with modern modifications (as required) and now Steadman’s route. I took Both books as they complement each other well. Only a few of Wainwright’s paths/tracks are no longer usable and that is obvious.
      Enjoy the walk!

  5. tack sorry to sound a complete dick but the track i tried to upload it onto the unit but there aint enough space. i got the topo map v2 sdmicro in on a 2gb chip
    gettin a bit peeeeed orrrrffff

  6. Hmm – not sure why you are having a problem….If you d/l the zip file (above) ; expand it – there are 17 gpx files and one text file. The individual gpx files are importable into Garman trip and waypoint manager (you can leave out the combined tracks if ya want). These should then be transferable to you garman as TRACKS (not routes etc). From memory they need to go to your unit NOT the card….? Have you other stuff (old tracklogs?) on the UNIT that is taking up space? Over all, the tracks are actually quite small so shouldn’t be a problem I would think .
    Let me know how you go and get back to me if there is still a problem. It IS do-able I promise πŸ™‚
    PS Just checked the specs of your machine – almost identical to mine so should work πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Tack. So glad to find this information. I’ve owned a GPS for all of 3 days, have taken 4 hours of training in that time and fiddled with it a fair amount. So I have a basic understanding, but…I have some questions. I will be doing the C2C next month and plan to rely principally on the Harvey maps and the Stedman guide, but I would really like to use the GPS for back up and to get really adept at its use. I’ve downloaded the 511 waypoints into my unit from the Walking Places site. My question: does it make sense to try to follow the waypoints one after the other over the 14 days? Or should I break them down into more manageable routes (if so, how to select the right waypoints for each segment), or should I abandon all these waypoints and go with your tracks? Not sure how to use the tracks. Any guidance would be appreciated. I’m happy to email about this stuff directly with you if that would be easier. Thanks!


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