So who am I and why am I here?

Well you might ask!

I am 43 51 53 55 years old and recently resigned (?retired) quite some time ago from a full-time (And I mean FULL time!) job. I worked 6-7 days a week for 23 years in three countries. It was stressful, fulfilling and interesting. BUT I didn’t have a life. I didn’t get the complete satisfaction you might think from the whole deal. I started to resent the imposition it made on my time, the limitation it imposed on my activities and the sensation of chronic tiredness. My wife was in the same position.

We had always intended to retire before we were 45 years old. 2005 – early – we started to wonder why we were waiting. There was nothing magical about being 45. We could afford it and we were ready.

Call it a mid-life crisis, call it retirement, call it a sea change….I don’t mind. I think we’re gonna call it the best thing we ever did. For the record, I haven’t changed my mind almost 9 12 years later.

Feel free to chip in with any ideas you may have, and comments you think relevant. Am I too selfish? Have I wasted an excellent education. Perhaps I’m too ungrateful for all I have had? Should we have done this years ago? I would Love to hear what you think.

Well: It has been an eventful 7 12 years since that first post in 2006. The blog has beenĀ  – let’s be kind and call it – inactive for most of the time. Mainly due to being too busy, and inertia.

I’ve now decided to make this a blog about my obsessions – they come and go, usually – but not always – involve tech. Inevitably I end up doing a heap of research about whatever is the interest du jour . I figure that you may as well see how I get to where I do. Of course no one may be interested in that – but I will have a record of events!