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  1. Hello,

    In the first weeks of July me and my girlfriend walked the Coast to Coast with your tracks on my GPS and of course a good map at hand as well, because you never know what the quality of tracks found on the internet will be. The tracks turned out to be very accurate and were very useful. Especially in the fog near Nine standards Rigg. Thank you very much for your effort.
    I hope you have enjoyed the walk yourself in May like we’ve done in July.

    Kind regards,

    Klaas Wijnsma
    Deventer, The Netherlands

  2. HI there, I’m heading off from Australia in 5 weeks and will be doing the Coast to Coast walk in August. This is a first time hike for me, and I’ve decided to do it on my own. While it seems like a good idea when I booked, now I’m started to get nervous (don’t tell my husband). I’ve just purchased a Garmin Etrex 10 and I’ve down loaded the track to the GPS. I would appreciate any tips and advice you have to give. I am well prepared in terms of gear and general fitness, It’s probably the navigation that concerns me the most. Cheers Lynn

  3. Hi Lynn

    Thanks for your comment about the C2C. Coincidentally, we are planning on doing the C2C again next year.

    Not a lot of advice re navigation but….

    Make sure you have the book by Steadman! It is the most up to date guide and very detailed I believe.

    Make sure you are 100% happy with your GPS – actually practice before you go. Walk a trail and record it. Then practice the “track back” function. If you are using my actual track not just the way points you will need to track back to follow it. Most gps will automatically figure out which way you are walking.

    You will be in high season so the trail will be very well marked and a lot of people I suspect. You won’t get lost!

    Have a great time and PLEASE let me know how you go. Once you’ve done it also let me know if it has changed substantially from my track?



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