Wainwright’s Coast to Coast – GPS Tracks

As promised, here are the GPS tracks that I have CREATED of the “Wainwright’s” Coast to coast track in the UK.

Please note that these are from calibrated maps, NOT from an actual logged walk (yet….). Therefore, they are inherently inaccurate – how inaccurate? I’ll let you know when I get back from doing the walk in May 2007. Hopefully I will have the actual logged tracks to offer at that time!

The files are compressed into a ZIP file. There are multiple GPX files within, separating the tracks into manageable lengths. There is also the combined tracks in a single GPX file included. It makes negligible difference to the total file size IMHO πŸ™‚

Please read the included TXT file. It includes important information about the tracks.

The File:

Coast to coast tracks

Enjoy! Please let me know if you think they are grossly inaccurate or can be easily improved. Also, I would appreciate knowing if there are any difficulties using them.

Edit:- I have amended the file to include the Swaledale river-side alternative on the Keld to Reethe section. Also corrected some of the notes – Thanks toΒ  Happy Rambler

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk – GPS related

Ok, I did offer to do this – so here goes.

I am listing a few files that I have found +/- altered +/- dreamt up from the web that MAY be of use to Coast to coast (c2c) walkers.

In particular I have a list of 514 GPSr waypoints (!) that I have recently modified from the “original” posting. These are in GPX format and SHOULD work with almost any program that accepts GPX (which I think is almost all of ’em!) Credit for these points must go to several people :-

John Ledger – original author of the points
Guy Wilson – who apparently made them available on the web
“Canmal” and “Rick F” – who posted a compiled GPX file for general use which was subsequently hosted by Lone Walker at his website – Make sure you have a look at all his C2C resources!

I have been collecting C2C info in anticipation of my walk, and will shortly add some other data to this site – watch out for a complete GPS “Track” split into usable sections to keep you company on the walk!

I also hope to “record” the entire walk on my own unit and will subsequently post the Track logs for those interested.